I have seven weeks left until I finish my degree, and I am marking those days off every morning.  This has been the most difficult year, as I sit in class and know that I am sacrificing my time and money to hear about things that I will never use.  This isn’t a post about bashing all higher learning, but this is a post about the specific Management degree I am currently fighting through.  I guess my first mistake was I assumed one thing and am stuck in the middle (or end) of something that is completely irrelevant to me and my future.  Here is the skinny of it, this program has since day one been directed towards graduates that are looking to work in a multimillion-dollar corporation.  When I entered this degree program, I was looking forward to two things, achieving that elusive “piece of paper” that we are all told we need, as well as to learn some specific things that I can directly apply to my future as an entrepreneur and business owner.  This was and is not the case, nothing that I have seen or learned will be able to help me immediately after I graduate.  We were not shown how to start a business, nor how to market one.  We were not shown how to perform our own small business accounting nor how to deal with government taxes.  Branding and marketing, e-commerce and even entrepreneur, none of these are going to be helpful going into my next chapter.  How to build a website or app, how to promote or brand yourself, how to market or obtain finance for your great idea all things that have fallen short.  No, we learned hoe the corporate world works, and as I look around the room filled with these young minds chomping at the bit to get out there and make a difference, I see one that will be working in that corporate world we have been learning about.  Of the 160 (guesstimate) graduate from this degree in 2019, I see maybe 16-20 of them actually applying to work in the multimillion corporations.  That’s 10%, 10% of the student will have the knowledge to performer in their career.  The rest will have to learn the real world on our own.  I will and I have, I am currently writing this blog and uploading a website that I have learned from my Princess, not from a prof that makes 300k per year.  And everything I will be doing in the further will be learned from this wonderful lady, and not in the friendly confine of the university campus.  Also, it’s not costing me 60k to learn.


University and college are good for many degrees.  Lawyers, Doctors, Nurses, Accountants, professors… these plus more are directly benefiting from higher learning, however, if you want to start your own business, this is not the place for you.  The University of Life is where you need to be and put the same time and effort into this, and you will become even more successful than if you spent four years on campus.  University is a great experience and excellent for social life but is it the best for you.

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