Today was a difficult day, and the lack of sleep from a long weekend of work and added stress in the personal life took a major toll on me on this Monday.  I woke up and while I was getting ready for class, I made the conscious decision to get my ass back into the yoga studio.  This was one aspect of my life I loved so much, and I let being “too busy” get in the way of that and I am feeling the effects of this.  Of course, like anyone else, I thought of doing this for the new year, but of course, like many other humans I said: “It will be too busy with all the resolution makers”.  So, February it is, and on this the 4th day I have booked four classes this week.  Starting today.  I went to class, then rushed to yoga to get my sweat on and find that balance and breath again.  After class and some quick work at the restaurant, it was back to class for my afternoon waste of time (I’ll blog about that later).  As the day comes to a close and I type this out, I feel good.  Good in my mind body and soul, the yoga mat helped that but so did my Princess.  For someone that suffers from depression, I know better than to let myself fall behind on this aspect of my life.  It is necessary and to be honest, enjoyable way for me to keep my balance in life.  Life is not easy, nor should it be.  I like that the things I have in life have come from hard work and perseverance.  I have become a stronger man over the last four years, and I am thankful.

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