October 9, 2019

October Blog a Day Challenge – 9


Piercings and tattoos?


One piercing, four tattoos.

I have had one piercing, and I did this out of complete spontaneity. Men with piercings were things in the ’80s and ’90s. but then there was an art that wasn’t the nipple or the navel that would be seen yet not. Hidden but subtlety there when needed. I made the choice to pierce my tongue. Two reasons I decided to do this, one was the hidden factor and the second was the fact a magazine, (you remember what those are?) told me that women had better orgasms from men that had tongue piercings. Sold!!! Also 19 and stupid. Insert facepalm emoji here. I had that piercing till the day my first daughter was born and then I took it out for the last time. It was an experience that I need to make as a child turning into an adult. I’m thankful I didn’t do anything permeant on my face that I would have to go through life with today.

My four tattoos are pretty simple, three of them are dedicated to my children. I have both their hands on my right shoulder and their birthdays in roman numerals on my left arm. The fourth is the most interesting and needs the most explanation. I have always wanted a tattoo. I loved the whole concept and process. The fact that you would permanently mark your body with something that meant so much to you at the time to remind you of your life that you are going through. This all went through my mind for years, and I did my sketch through high school to get to that point. As much as I love the tattoos of my daughter’s birth and existence, it was the original idea of who I was that I am most proud of. This piece of art is a collaboration of me and my family that I was raised. The main focus is the Canadian maple leaf, coloured in with the Italian colours for my mother’s national heritage. Then I added the zodiac constellation for Leo as well as the classic Leo sign. The accent is a mountaineer’s hat with a pick that is our family sigil from Trento Italy. Finishing off the bottom with the words “King of the Jungle” in Italian. It is the strength of the lion that I embrace as a Leo.

I have many more tattoos planed. three that are in the front of my mind. I want a Dave Matthews inspired piece of art most likely lyrics of his. We also have a pact with my sister, mother, and me to do a three-way tattoo that binds our travel. And the last is the three classic hearts from Legend of Zelda, as this brings in the fact my love for games, and the three hearts represents my two daughters and my Princess. Finally, the last text my love and I send at the end d of the night is three hearts. It is important to me to have art on my body that means something to me and my journey.

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