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October Blog a Day Challenge 5 My Guilty Pleasure

October 5, 2019 October Blog a Day Challenge - 5   My Guilty Pleasure.   My first experience with the video game world was way back when my mom brought home our first computer...


October 5, 2019

October Blog a Day Challenge – 5


My Guilty Pleasure.


My first experience with the video game world was way back when my mom brought home our first computer from her school.  It was a the OG apple and the game was load runner.  From that moment, I was all in.  there was something about a puzzle that was constantly changing and making you think second to second.  Making choices that would determine you virtually living or dying was stressful yet exhilarating.  Imagine reading a book, while watching a movie, doing a puzzle, all while playing Jenga.  Using all of your senses, reflexes, and brainpower to accomplish something that is so challenging can be so rewarding when you finally complete it.


Before console gaming was a thing, you had to venture out to the local arcades.  we had a small arcade in my hometown, but I was forbidden to enter the establishment because my mother believed that the “unsavory” type of people hung out there.  So sadly, I don’t have memories of the classic arcades. As time moved along and technology began its boom, the consoles gaming came into our homes.  My first console was the Colecovision, the initial catalog of twelve games included Nintendo’s Donkey Kong as the pack-in cartridge, Sega’s Zaxxon,  and some lesser-known arcade titles that found a larger audience on the console, such as Lady Bug, Cosmic Avenger,  and Venture.  Donkey Kong and Venture were my go-to, especially Venture as this game was my first experience in the dungeon crawler genre, think Zelda before Zelda.


Nintendo and Mario made their way into my world a few years later.  The many hours I played Mario, Zelda, and Ice Hockey were the begging of a new era.  This was the evolution of gaming in the home and parents and society didn’t know how to deal with this “epidemic”.  However today the video game industry is bigger than Hollywood and is the highest-grossing entertainment product of all time.  There are more people watching the finals of a StarCraft tournament than they are the Superbowl.


The is one franchise that I have played more than any other, and of course, it is the sport of hockey.  EA Sports yearly iterations of hockey games come out with new features, updated rosters, jersey, and graphics.  I have had the honor of being with this franchise since inception in 1991.  In the begging it was all about the single play against the computer, playing seasons solo, or playing with a friend on the couch beside you.  Today technology has evolved to the point where six of us from all across the world can play against six others in an online game to determine who has the quickest reflexes to survive a game of hockey.


Years later, as an adult, I still adore my guilty pleasure.  It is the one escape that feeds so many different areas of me.  While I was going through my divorce, there was a group of people I played online that really helped me get through the lonely times.  They were there to listen and there to have fun taking my mind away from the dark areas.  The gaming community and the people of all age genders races and religions come together as one.  They look out for each other and support those in need every time without fail.  Case in point the Childs Play foundation is a fundraising initiative put together by the gaming community that raises funds for children’s hospitals all around the areas they are in.


My name is Clay Wiebe, my Gamer tag is Captain OBVIOU5.

I forever am a gamer.

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