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October Blog a Day Challenge - 4 Earliest memories

October 4, 2019 October Blog a Day Challenge - 4   Earliest memories.   I could not pick one memory, so I decided to tell you about seven of my memories from growing up in the...


October 4, 2019

October Blog a Day Challenge – 4


Earliest memories.


I could not pick one memory, so I decided to tell you about seven of my memories from growing up in the small town; Coaldale, Alberta.


1. At the very young age of One, I broke my leg jumping off a couch at home. I had to learn to walk with a cast on from my hip to my ankle. My mom has pictures of me hobbling around the house with a hockey stick in hand with the casted leg.


2. Sports, especially hockey was a huge part of my upbringing, and so many memories through the years come from the ice, or road trips with the parents and teammates. Team parties with all the players running around the house while the parents sat and conversed whilst enjoying an adult beverage or two.


3. As a young hockey player every summer I would attend the Bronco’s Hockey school in Coaldale, the Lethbridge Broncos were the WHL team that hosted the camp at the time. One fun night, the coaches who were all ex Broncos and current NHL players had a party at my place as my family was friends with the organizers of the camp. When I woke up the next morning, I notice a car in the front of the house that had no tires, upon further exploring, I found the tires tied to our fence.  Ken Wreget was the poor soul that eventually found his vehicle in parts the next m owning.


4. My first major crush happened in Grade one on the very first day of school. And this crush lasted for a very long time with nothing romantic ever happening, all the way through school we ended up being very good friends. in the end, she ended up marrying one of my good friends. I will never forget that day, she wore a blue dress and had platinum blonde hair with deep blue eyes, I guess I do have a type, as that would not be the last blonder hair blue eyed female to steal my heart.


5. Growing up in a small town allowed us to walk or ride our bikes everywhere. Many times, my sister and I would walk to the movie rental store and we would each pick out a movie. Then on the way home, we would stop at the corner store and buy as much penny and five-cent candy as we could with the leftover money.


6. there was a time when the town was building the new hospital, and it felt as a child that this process took forever, and the reason I felt that way was that there was a massive dirt hill that was erected in the lot where the excavation was taking place. Every winter as the snow came, all the neighborhood kids would flock to the hill and it became the place to go to toboggan. This was the year the GT racer came out and the beginning of the snowboard era. I had a red plastic snowboard and I tried so many times to ride that thing down that hill with no success. But we always had the red long plastic toboggan that could fit two, and that was always the go-to for our winter fun.


7. For such a small town that I grew up in, we had a lot of hockey-crazed kids that lived there. Every springtime as the Stanley Cup playoffs were underway, we would always spend the days out playing street hockey with the local neighborhood kids. It got so intense one year that a league was formed and every is of the town had a team. We would “travel” to their home rink and play games. Such a cool experience growing up. One particular time, it was during the Stanley cup finals and the Edmonton Oilers were playing the Philadelphia Flyers in game seven. I remember finishing up the game in time to rush home and watch Wayne Gretzky raise the Stanley Cup for the third time.

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