October 3, 2019

October Blog a Day Challenge – 3


Meaning of my business name



Captain OBVIOU5

Origin of the name


This name/alias came many years ago after my first daughter was born.  My wife at the time would always tease me after I made a comment on, well, really any comment I said that she thought was obvious.  She instantly came back with “Thank you Captain Obvious”.

As the joke continued to play throughout our lives, in 2007, I purchased my first Xbox and upon logging in, I needed a gamer tag that wasn’t my real name or some b.s. numbers like Clay756. And then it hit me, Captain Obvious.  I changed the “S” at the end of obvious and replaced it with a 5 for two reasons. The five pillars of my life then were: family, friends, loyalty, respect, and class.  Also, 1337 speak was at its highest point at that time.  So, using the 5 was a must.

Since then, Captain OBVIOU5 is everywhere. On Twitter, Instagram, TickTock, Snapchat, YouTube, and all the social media platforms.  Yes, I have my ex-wife to thank for the inspiration for my alias. Captain OBVIOU5 has now had this online presence for 12 years going strong, and it is only the beginning.

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