October 10, 2019

October Blog a Day Challenge – 10


First Celebrity Crush

I have three layers to answer this fully.  It begins when I was really young and the first one that I remember is Olivia Newton-John from Grease.  Sandy was the perfect girl next door, and then she evolved into the badass biker woman in the end.  Young me was crazy about her and maybe watched Grease one too many times.

The next level of this answer comes a few years later with the sitcom “Who’s the Boss”, enter Alyssa Milano.  Now as I was older, the Samantha Micelli character was cute and a jock, smart and strong.  I felt as though she was my soul mate; the writers created the character, but Alyssa Milano made the character, and also help young teenage Clay very much through junior high.

The third level brings us through High School, with the hit show Beverly Hills 90210.  Jenny Garth was perfection and chiseled from stone and made by Michelangelo himself.  As teenage Clay started to mature, this teen-age late-night drama brought a lot of sexual icons for so many of us going through high school at the time.  All genders had many a dream about one or many of the cast of 90210 and are perfectly cast, so on behalf of all Generation X, thank you.

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