While I was finishing my 15th yoga session marking the official halfway point of my personal 30 days of Yoga challenge, I was reflecting on how this has affected myself.  So many different thoughts came into my mind as I drove home from class this morning, and the biggest was the pride I had that I had stayed true the commitment for 15 straight days, and how excited I am to finish strong.  I have tried so many different classes that challenged me in many different ways.  As well as times of day, locations, and what I needed to do to juggle life in order to keep the challenge alive.  The biggest development is the strength that I have built up I these two weeks.  Mentally and physically I have progress and become stronger in both areas.  Practicing yoga is beneficial in so many ways, and I am so thankful for the gains I have made.


I have done the classic 26, which is a 90o minute 8:00 am class that takes you through the classic 26 poses of the yoga path.  This is known to many of you that have done the Birkrim yoga as it is the same class taught there.  The yin class is the “I need to stretch and relax” class, and it is just that.  You won’t be sweating as much through that practice, but it is so beneficial for focusing and concentrating through the long poses and stretches that need to be done.  My personal favorite is the 50/50 as it is 75 minutes, half of which will kick your ass, followed but the back half that helps you cool down and stretch out what you just powered through.  The other challenging class I have enjoyed is the Power class, as this will really test your balance and strength, and you will feel your muscles pulsing and your abs building with each move.


I haven’t gone to the studio each of the 15 days, as life gets in the way many times, I made time for me and found my mat late at night just before bed and did my own 30 min Yin session.  The fact that I made time to be on my mat for me is the greatest achievement.  We have dubbed this yin and wine session.  And it is the best closing to any day.


As there are 15 days remaining, I am looking forward to each and every day when I can meet my mat for my daily Me Time.  If you have never done something like this, I highly recommend you give it a try.  The commitment and the and perseverance needed to get to the. Mat every day for a month is truly the trophy at the end.  Building these skills will help you further in your own personal life.  Our days can be so intense with everything and everybody’s problems that we tend to take on, spending the 30 to 90 minutes for yourself is something that every person needs in order to ground yourself and refocus for the next challenge life will inevitably throw your way.


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