I have been lucky enough to spend three years going to school with the Millennial generation, as well as spending all those years working alongside this amazing group working in the service industry.   The misconception that ALL millennials are lazy and entitled, caudle and spoiled, is a complete farce.  Yes, many are, but there is that same percentage that is all of these things as there were in my generation, the Boomer generation, and all the previous generations before that.  As time moves forward, and the world changes and evolves, as does each generation.

The factors that mold and affect these generations, is the state of the world and where they were raised, as much as the parenting that was given to these generations as they evolved and grew into young adults.  If you have any problems with these generations that are following yours, then all you need to do is look in the mirror.  The way that we were raised and the tools we had at our hands is what developed these generations.  Technology has changed the game completely. When I was growing up, the Nintendo Entertainment System was the first breakthrough video game console (not the first of its kind, just the breakthrough), and parents in the early to mid-’80s didn’t know how to deal with this phenomenon, and the Baby Boomers call us lazy and entitled caudle and spoiled.  Sound familiar?  How about when the kids of the ‘60’s choose to hang out at the “soda shop” and dance at the discos and listen to music by their cars for hours as the moon was their only spotlight.  These Boomers were also themselves were referred to as lazy and entitled, caudle and spoiled.

Guess what?  This is generations repeating itself, and it will again when Generation Z comes busting through and starts graduating (and they already have).  As these generations evolve and move along with technology and the parenting of the previous generation, we as the previous generation also needs to change and evolve, we have to adapt, for if we don’t, we will get left behind.  Going to school and working with these amazing millennials, was like looking in the mirror 20 years ago, the only thing that changed is the fashion, the music, the drugs, and the cost of living.  Life is ever-evolving thanks to technology; will you evolve with it?

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